Monday, March 18, 2013

31 Days of Training - Days 14-18

I've been lax in my blogging ... But not my training!

Here's a recap:

Days 14-15

Did pretty much the same thing each time. Louie and Teddy both worked on weaves and running along the plank. We even did plank to the weaves. Louie also worked his "bang it" and Teddy worked sends with his "ready - set - go" game.

Annie worked obedience. We had trouble with downs early last week and spent the end of last week with her offering downs to me over and over! She loves to practice and is always excited for her turn.

Days 16-17
The weekend was a light training time. I worked Anne's with Louie. I made him do sit/stays and wait while I set whatever he was wanting (water bowl, favorite toy) on the ground and released him. I thought this was going to be difficult for him, since we hadn't practiced it in a while, but he did so well.

Day 18
Today, Annie got to go first. We worked on heeling, back up, stays, and recalls.

Louie went next. We worked on sends and recalls thru the weaves. We also worked on bang it. He can now be sent to the wobble board from a distance.

Teddy worked on running along the plank and did plank to weaves. He didn't like going last!

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