Sunday, March 10, 2013

31 Days of Training - Day 10

Today was the second day of the agility trial. Louie did very well! We started with jumpers, which had the weave poles as obstacle #2. That really wasn't a motivating start for Lou. Once he finished the weaves, he zipped around the course and made up the time he lost in the weaves. He qualified!

I wasn't sure how standard would go. Yesterday, he was bothered a lot by the bang of the teeter, since it was so close to the start line as the second obstacle on the course. Today, I kept him away from the ring for as long as possible, bringing him to the ring at the last possible minute so he wouldn't have time to worry about he loud teeter. It worked; he ran well. Unfortunately, he popped out of the weaves towards the end of the course, so we did not qualify. It took me some time to get him back on track after that bobble, but he finished the course. He was very pleased with himself when we were done ... which makes this run my favorite of the weekend.

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