Tuesday, March 5, 2013

31 Days of Training - Day 5

Today was a great day to be inside and training!  Outside was a snowy mess.

Louie, Teddy, and Annie all had some practice.  This is what we worked on:

LOUIE - Switches (rear crosses on the flat), rear crosses into the weave poles (channels, slightly open).

TEDDY - We used the Ready Treat to play "Ready Set Go."  I put a treat in the Ready Treat, set Teddy up a few feet away, and encouraged him to run to the Ready Treat (Go!)  I really wanted to get him wound up and wanting to RUN!  He's very food motivated and not at all interested in toys, so the Ready Treat works very well for him.  We also worked on sending through the weave poles (six poles, channels, slightly open).

ANNIE - Annie worked on having fun while heeling.

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