Tuesday, March 12, 2013

31 Days of Training - Day 12

Not sure why we are getting snow every Tuesday for the past three weeks, but I am hoping *this* will be the final snow of the season.  It's still not warm enough to practice outside, so I took all three dogs downstairs to our indoor training space.

I started with Louie.  I've been thinking of something I could do that might possibly help him with his teeter "bang" phobia.  I pulled out our old wobble board: a square piece of plywood painted with a yellow paint + sand - similar to a non-rubberized contact obstacle surface.  I used to put a toy under it and have the dogs play on it so that they would become comfortable with a surface that moves.

I took that idea one step further.  I also had a plastic pegboard (which I have used in the past to help train obedience scent articles) that I put underneath the wobble board, as my basement has carpet.  I encouraged Louie to "hit it" so that the wobble board would make a sound.  He was fine with this noise; it is not nearly as loud or sharp as the teeter board at club makes.  I will continue to work with him on the wobble board on plastic and then graduate to other surfaces: wobble board on wood and then wobble board on metal (like a cookie sheet.)  

We also worked on off-side weaves (since that was an issue on last Sunday's standard course) and played "ready - set - go" with the plank.

I had to take several breaks during Louie's training session to get Annie off of the back of the couch, which she kept jumping up on so that she could get a better view of Louie's training session.  She was so up and excited today.  We worked on heeling, stand for exam, recalls, and down/stay.  Annie enjoyed everything EXCEPT the down/stay.  She wasn't interested in doing a down or a stay.  Something to work on in different places.

Teddy went last.  We worked weaves and ready - set - go.  He is really enjoying practice.  I have him entered in a trial next month (if we get in).  It will be good to see how his training will translate to a trial situation.

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