Sunday, March 3, 2013

31 Days of Training - Day 2 (yesterday)

I didn't think a tough day would come so soon - but it did ... on the second day. I really didn't feel like doing much, except hang out, watch TV, and take naps. Things my dogs enjoy too.

I did get a lot of hanging out, TV watching, and napping done, but I also worked with my dogs too. I couldn't skip the SECOND day of a training challenge I created!!!

The boys and I played and did some trick training. They each have a bunch of tricks that they know. Some they haven't worked in a while.

Annie was enjoying a nice nap. I didn't want to disturb the princess.

When I first took Louie (the oldest) to puppy kindergarten, the instructor gave us a homework assignment: learn a trick. I was able to teach Louie to sneeze on command. No, I didn't come up with the idea myself; I watched a show on Animal Planet where someone did the same thing. Give the dog a treat when he sneezes. I tried it and worked with him to understand the command "sneeze."

Now, Louie will offer an over-exaggerated AH-CHOO when he wants something. I created a sneezing monster.

Louie can:
- Sneeze on command
- Bark on command
- High five
- Roll over
- Go "nite nite" (lay on his side)
- Jump up and touch my hand with his nose
- Go between my legs "through"
- Get in his "house" (kennel)
- Get his ball / green guy

Annie can:
- High five
- Roll over
- Go to her kennel

Teddy can:
- High five
- Stand on his hind legs and "twirl" around
- Go between my legs "through"
- Jump into my arms
- Bark at howl at "strangers" when I say "What was that?"
- Go to his kennel

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