Monday, March 11, 2013

31 Days of Training - Day 11

Today was our last night of Sequencing class for the winter session.  In just a couple of weeks, the SPRING session will begin.  I'm hoping the spring weather comes as well.

I had to leave the club early tonight for another commitment so I couldn't stay for both classes, but was able to run both Louie and Teddy in the early class due to a couple of students being absent.  The course was a review of all we have worked on this session.

Both boys did very well:

TEDDY ran so fast!  I think the "ready - set - go" game is making a difference.  He even started to move out ahead of me in places.  His weaves picked up as well.  I definitely see an improvement in him from the beginning of the session.

LOUIE showed improvement as well.  We had a teeter on our course and typically, he doesn't run when our club's teeter is out.  The noise bothers him.  Tonight I got him to run up until the teeter and after some effort (less effort than usual), was able to get him to do the teeter (more than once).

Overall, I'm very happy with how our training is going and will continue to work on our areas which need improvement.

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