Tuesday, March 19, 2013

31 Days of Training - Day 19

Had a late practice this evening; had a very important appointment after work. Okay, it was for my hair, but that's important ;-)

Teddy went first. We did sends from the plank to the weaves and weaves to the plank, using the ready treat.

Louie was so excited to go, I thought he was going to burst. He started with his bang it game, and he was really hitting the wobble board with enthusiasm. We may need to change the surface the wobble board hits to something louder; I'm thinking a cookie sheet. He also did sends from the plank to the weaves and weaves to plank. (Both boys will run in Open FAST at the national.). I played around with some heeling with him and a drop on recall. I don't intend to ever compete in obedience with him again, but he likes it.

We are on our "spring break" - no agility classes this week or next. We do have agility sport group practice tomorrow night so the boys will get some practice on the equipment this week.

Annie choose to take the night off, but here's a picture of her from last week doing a down/stay.

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