Monday, March 4, 2013

31 Days of Training - Day 4

Today's training session could have been easily been changed to a night on the couch playing the game "4 Pics 1 Word" - but that didn't happen.

Monday night is class night for us. The boys each are each in an agility sequencing class, which means I run for two hours! (OK, not two hours straight, but you know what I mean.)

Tonight's course worked rear crosses. That's not really our thing, but we gave it a try.

Louie (who I was calling my "teenager" all night) did awesome! He ran very, very well. He ran like a youngster and his rear crosses were executed well.

Teddy showed me that I shouldn't ever get over confident. He does well at home, but we are still working on his level of enthusiasm away from home. He did OK, but rear cross work didn't help to build his excitement. We tried, though!

We signed up tonight for the spring session. Both boys are taking Drills. I'm teaching one section of Drills, so both boys will have to be in the same Drills class, after the one I teach. Good thing they jump different heights; hopefully that will give me some breathing time in between runs!

On top of all that, I'll be running my new agility partner, Buddy, in agility fundamentals class. Buddy will help get Lou and Ted a little jealous before their class, which never hurts.

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  1. Rear crosses are difficult for Suki and me, too. My trainer tells me that it will make her faster if she gets comfortable driving ahead of me so we work on them. It is out of my comfort zone! LOL!