Monday, August 15, 2011

Photo of the Day

Hipstamatic - Salvador 84 Lens

I accidentally switched to this lens at the State Fair yesterday, without realizing I had selected it.  I also didn't understand what style the lens was.  When I looked at the images, I kept seeing "something" strange about them.  That's the look.  Now that I understand the look, I love it.  Fun stuff.  Hipstamatic already has that element of surprise and this takes it one step further.

At the State Fair.
Salvador 84 Lens + Ina's 1935 film:

More tomatoes than I have at home.  (And I have a lot.)
Salvador84 lens + Ina's 1935 film:

More from today.  Lunch time = photo time.
Salvador84 lens + DreamCanvas film:

Salvador84 lens + Ina's 1935 film:

More state fair photos to come.


  1. Oh that Hipstamatic App looks like a lot of fun! Great captures, the Coke bottle is my favorite :)

  2. very cool - and there is never too many tomatoes in my book. Looks like a good time at the fair.

  3. How fun! Are these with a phone camera and an app? Or is the app in your photo processing program? Does it change effects from photo to photo? Very cool effect!

  4. What a cool ap! I love the effect, so whimsical, esp on the fair shot.

  5. Thanks! It's an app for the iPhone called Hipstamatic which creates the effect when the photo is taken. There are many "lenses" and "films" to select from.

  6. Very Cool!