Monday, April 11, 2011

Teddy's weekend agility videos

Standard wasn't our thing this weekend ... but Jumpers with Weaves definitely was!  Teddy qualified both days in jumpers and earned NINE points on each run (for us, that's a LOT!)  Standard on Saturday ended pretty quickly - Teddy missed the dogwalk contact, so I stopped the run.  Sunday, first obstacle was the tire and he went UNDER it (how, I don't know).  Hit the contacts ... slowly, but he did them.  I know what we need to work on for the next few weeks, so we'll be ready for the Shih Tzu national.

Saturday Jumpers with Weaves
Sunday Jumpers with Weaves (I missed the walk thru on this one, so qualifying and earning nine points is even more amazing to me!)

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  1. Dang! And all I want (right now) is for Ruby to learn to walk on a leash without pulling!