Sunday, April 17, 2011

Organize Your Stuff Challenge (Round 4) - Weeks 2 and 3

OK ... I fell behind already!  Yikes!!!

Week 2 - Brainstorming

What does the scrap space of my dreams look like?  It looks pretty close to what I already have, but with MUCH less clutter!  Things would be neatly stored, look nice, and be easily accessible.  (I'd use much more stuff and save a lot of time if my things were better organized.)

Considering my "problem areas" I mentioned in Week 1 (paper storage, embellishments, rubber stamps, stamp pads, and markers) - the reason they are a problem is because they either don't have a useful space (where I can easily access them) or they don't have a place at all.

Things like adhesive are stashed in bins ... all together, but cluttered looking.

I like these bins, but they are currently cluttered looking (and one is also labeled STAMPS - which means, stamps are located in multiple places!

Week 3 - Clean Slate!

This is a BIG one - box up my stuff until it can "play nicely" in my scrap room.  While it is an option to "go for broke" and box up the whole room, that won't be practical right now.  (I'll be away for a while.)  I don't want to put this on pause so I'll box up something that's making a big mess right now ... rubber stamps.  (Sorry, stamps - it's for your own good.)

While I'm at it, I will go thru my doggy stuff - I have a bunch of goodies to donate to the raffle at the Shih Tzu national.  That will clear some space too.


  1. I did this last year. As I couldn't do the "Clean Slate" part. We need to move around in my home, lol.
    We have a pool table in the rec room. So whichever week we were working on (I was months behind) I would take those supplies to the pool table and work on the organizing on that.

  2. Good for you on organizing!! I should totally do that!!

  3. I have been in the organizing mood lately too..getting rid of excess and keeping only what I need. I find that makes my home so much easier to live in! Good for you!

  4. I was a scrapbooker for a good 10 years, right at the beginning of Creative Memories, until my only son went off to college and I decided to take some photography classes to learn how to take better pictures for my scrapbook....and I haven't touched a scrapbook for several years now! I desperately need more room for all my camera gear but still can't bear to part with all my expensive stamps, papers, embellishments, tools, etc. It is pretty overwhelming to think about organizing or packing it all up, but if I can just make myself do it I know it will be so worth it! I wish I knew somewhere local to donate things I know I will never use again. And I read that you are also a dog lover --- we have a lot in common!