Monday, July 18, 2011

Photo of the Day - 07/18/2011


A couple of friends and I were asked to teach a Community Education class at the local community college.  Called "So You Think You Want a Dog" - it was offered free of charge to anyone who is thinking of adding a dog to their family.  We had several families attend, and spend a couple of hours talking all about owning dogs - types of dogs, cost of dog ownership, responsible dog ownership, dog care, dog training, dog grooming - anything that was holding them back on getting a dog.  It was a good class, and it was evident that out of the entire group, adding a dog was not for every family.  I'm glad they took the class and made that discovery now rather than after they got a dog and discovered that it wasn't the best decision for their family.

We brought dogs with us - my Annie is on the right.  We also had a large dog with us, so it was not an all Shih Tzu group :-)


  1. I need to take my kids to a class like that. They want a dog but I am not sure if I want another child. I already have four!

  2. This sounds like a great class. I don't think people realize the resposibility and cost associated with pet ownership. As a child, we always had a dog for a pet. But as an adult, I can't fathom taking on that resposibility right now. Like Margaret, I think the kids are enough right now. Your little, furry friends are adorable though. I love the pink bows :) Too cute!