Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photo of the Day - 6/29/2011


What a beautiful day ... too bad I spent so much of it at work!  I went outside at lunch time to get some lunch at the new Subway (free drinks there today - nice surprise!)  Ate my lunch at the park, where they had another Wednesday summer lunchtime concert.  So pretty outside; it was difficult to come back inside!

Took these pictures with my Hipstamatic app on my iPhone.


  1. Looks like it was as nice there as it was here! All I wanted to do was finish up work so I could enjoy the sunshine! I like the perspective on your buildings.

  2. I like the blue/green this particular filter/film gave to your shots. Sounds like a wonderful lunch. Sadly around here, most of the time Summer lunches are looking for air conditioning because to eat outside is to sweat (yuck!).